We've Been Married For..

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I got a new blog, the email I was using now will not let me post much more. So I got a new blog address.... 
I hope you all follow me. :)

New look, and a good change. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


So I'm really behind on birthday shout outs, but just know I love them all so much.
Here they are...
WHOM: Cydne Evans
WHEN: September 17th
AGE: Maybe she is at the age she does not want it noted on my blog?
If she finds out this picture made my blog,
she might not be happy with me?
Dear Cydne, You are such a great example to me, you always have and will. I love you so much. We'll miss you when you and Brayd leave us in a few months for Georgia. I am so proud of you! You deserve it, you've worked so hard to achieve your dreams.
You are outgoing and always make everyone laugh.
I am going to miss you so so much!

WHOM: McKay Manning
WHEN: September 27th
AGE: 13
Yes all, he is the same height as me...
Dear McKay, You make me old! I was only 10 years when you were born, and that feels so long ago. You are so funny and always make us laugh. You are great at comforting others and being sweet. We love you and look forward to seeing you at family gatherings. You have been my best buddy since you were born. I'm so proud of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Keep working hard, you are a great kid. Don't give your mother too hard of a time through the teen years. ;)

WHOM: Sierra Baird
WHEN: October 5th
AGE: 28 (I'm only mentioning it because she put it on her blog)
I did steal this from her blog
Dear Sierra, you are amazing. You are great in crafts, music and gardening and I should probably mention with animals. Really I can name several things. It's been so fun to have you in the family. Keep up on the guitar you are great at it and have an amazing voice. You look way great for 28! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We love you! Keep rockin' on!

WHOM: Kimball Manning
WHEN: October 5th (that's right same day as Sierra's)
AGE: 6
He wanted a picture with Rory! :)
Dear Kimball, you are such a handsome kid. We love you so much and are amazed by how creative you are with your train tracks. You always greet us with hugs and want to play with us. We love that we are cool enough to play with you. You are great at making people happy and always have fun with everyone. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I am so late on these Birthdays, my bad life has been a bit busy.

To Whom: Annie & Curtis Wiederhold
When: August 16th & September 2nd

Stolen from Marissa Wiederhold, thank you!
Annie and Curtis (our subjects) are in the middle. :)
To Annie,
Happy Birthday, we are so sorry we are so late. We are so happy that you are in the Wiederhold clan. You are so friendly. We love getting to know you more each time we get to see and hang out with you. We love you dearly and think you are wonderful and smart. I love that you have pink pants. (I also was a little disappointed about the no pocket thing) WE LOVE YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love, Micah & Katheryn Wiederhold

To Curtis,
Happy Birthday to you, we have had so much fun with you this last Summer. Even if it wasn't much time. You are hilarious and a great story teller. You are a great brother and we love you so much. We wish you lived closer but are so proud of your accomplishments! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! WE LOVE YOU!
Love, Micah and Katheryn Wiederhold

Sunday, August 26, 2012

We Have Met Again.

Sister Whitney Baird has returned back to Utah August 21st.
We are so happy to have her back. 
I made this sign fast because of my excitement...

We met her at the airport

Went to Cafe Rio (family tradition)

Next day we went and bought her a cup for her drinks.
Of course at our favorite place, Crest.
It's been so fun to have her back!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Primary Chase

This last Saturday Micah received a text asking if we could substitute the 5-6 year old class.
I've always thought it would be so fun to teach Primary. I love kids and what fun would it be to attend Primary and teach a lesson to sweet kids. Right?
Micah and I prepared for a fun 5 year old class. Got all the coloring stuff and since the time of the call we could not get treats (which I think would of helped the class).
So we go to Sacrament feeling pretty good about ourselves. 
We go to Primary and apparently we were early, you could tell we were first timers. They showed us to our row and the kids came in slowly. Cute little boys sat on our row and we were so happy.
Primary was about to start when the 2 trouble makers make it to our row. One yelling, "I don't like new teachers, I don't like NEW TEACHERS." She then ran to her mom (I think). One sat down to me and loved to tell me everything about her. Later, in the same hour the girl came back to the row ready to give me a hard time for the rest of the hour and the next. She ran around the primary acting so crazy. Then she yells, "I need to go to the bathroom." So I followed her out, it looked like she wasn't planning on it but knew she had to because I was following her. While in the bathroom she was not going to wash her hands, to me that is NASTY. So some how I talked her into it, and there she was playing in the soap and water regretting my wants on her washing her hands. (But glad she did) I gave her several warnings nothing really worked. She then replies, "I need to wash my hands really good because I have been picking my nose." Well then glad she washed her hands even more. I tried to race her back to the primary class....that didn't work she just said, "I hate when people do that, they just make up silly games to try to get kids where they want them." ..... (my response to her)
We finally made it back into the Primary class and boy was it rough as she continued to run around the Primary room.
We then went to the classroom, these two girls were crazy. But I think we handled the situation great. We tried to get them involved and I think they enjoyed it. The other kids were so great and I appreciate their cuteness...because after dealing with those two kids I didn't want kids, but then I look at the other 4 they were great, and I think my kid could be that great. (in the future)
Hope you had a great laugh from our experience. :)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Vacation Time

Micah and I got invited to go to Disneyland with the whole Wiederhold Clan.
We had a blast and thought it was a blast. We love family time. 

Our first day at Disneyland
Second day of Disneyland
We spent a day at the Beach.
Last day of Disneyland
We did so much and enjoyed it all. 
Thank you Paul and Terie for all that you did.


AGE: 1
WHEN: August 4th

Taken on the Beach
Lydia, she is so cute. She is always smiling and loves to be tickled. From what I see she is a good baby and is growing up so fast. She loves people and she loves them more if she knows them. It was fun to spend the past week with her in California.


Sunday, July 15, 2012


AGE: 4

Dear Stella,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are so fun to be with, I love your personality. You are always making me laugh. Especially when you start dancing on the couch singing "I'm sexy and I know it". You are beautiful. I love you so much. You have such a good memory and can memorize things so easily. You are so smart in all that you do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you are getting so big!
Love, Aunt Katheryn

Thursday, July 5, 2012


To Whom: Molly Victoria Rosander
When: July 4th
Age: 6

Dear Miss Molly,
Happy Birthday to you! We love you so much!
You have such a funny personality and always make me smile.
You welcome us with big hugs that make us feel like we are superstars.
You love to play with everyone. You are so smart, you know your Articles of Faith and
know so much about God's plan, not many girls your age know it as well as you!
Happy Birthday my adorable niece, whom I love so much!!
Love, Aunt Katheryn

Sunday, June 17, 2012


AGE: 1

It's been so fun to have Miss Nora join the family this last year. She is so fun and cute. She loves to eat hair... I know weird. She loves to be on the floor and play. She went to Japan in October with her mom, Cydne and I to visit Grandma and Grandpa. And she was the dendo (Missionary work) Baby.